Does Your Business Need Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Service providers are very seldom appreciated by small business. Many business owners believe that as long as their computers and networks are running  smoothly, there is no need to pay for an IT person or IT Service Provider. These business owners are setting themselves up for disaster.

Computer networks are no different than your car, or home. If you neglect them and fail to do the little tedious tasks to maintain them, they will fall into disrepair. With a computer or a network, disrepair means downtime for your business, a loss of productivity, loss of records, and exposure of client information. A major security breach or systems failure can ruin a business.

Managed IT Services provides an affordable way for small businesses to protect their computer systems and manage their networks. Instead of having your own IT person or team in your business you can have a team of professional IT service personnel at your disposal. You can consult with your team in regards to purchases or software upgrades, and have that same team available to manage your network users and firewall. All for one low monthly fee.

Employee V.S. Managed Service Provider

Lets say you had a small company with an office that had 20 computers, a server used for shared resources and virtualization, a router and a firewall. Lets also assume that your network is a Microsoft Domain with Active Directory and there are 25 users in the domain.

A full time employee in the IT department with the experience to handle a majority of the computer and network management for your small business would command a salary of  approximately $100,000 per year. Then of course there is vacation time, personal days, sick days, and health benefits.  In actual cost to your company that employee might cost you about $150,000 per year.

MastroTek IT Services has a team of experienced and professional IT experts. There is always someone available to assist you. MastroTek does not take vacations, never gets sick, does not need health care, and would cost this business owner approximately $13,500 per year. That is a huge savings, Over $135,000 per year.

If your company is still running and managing its own network, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact MastroTek IT Services today for your free consultation.

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