Content Filtering for Business

Managed Content FilteringEach year many of hours of productivity are lost due to employees surfing the internet at work. Many more hours are lost due to company computers being infected with malicious software that was obtained while on suspicious websites and downloading questionable content online. The best way to prevent employees from using work computers to waste time browsing the internet and visiting malicious websites is by implementing content filtering software.

MastroTek IT services offers a low cost Managed Content Filtering Solution that can be implemented quickly and will ensure your business’ computers are not being used to waste time at work. Our Content Filtering solution with patented V-routing technology is fast, flexible and highly accurate. Our very thin client architecture keeps mobile and remote office workers productive wherever they are.

Automatic Site Blocking

Our Content Filtering solution automatically block sites by category – over 60 million sites are sorted into subgroups for increased flexibility. Choose from having a website  Blocked, Warn the the user, or Allow access. When used in combination with our Managed Anti-Virus software your business computers will be as safe as they can be from online threats.

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