Install Anti-Virus

In Home Anti-Virus Installation services in Westchester NYMake sure your computer is protected by having a professionally installed and configured anti-virus software suite. MastroTek will send an anti-virus expert to your home to install and configure your new or previously purchased anti-virus software. We will test your computer and insure that your anti-virus software is not in conflict with any of your existing software. Don’t use your computer without being protected from those looking to steal your personal data.

(*Anti-Virus Software NOT INCLUDED)

Recommended Anti-Virus Software

AVG Anti-Virus SoftwareWhile MastroTek IT Services will install any Anti-Virus Software you decide to purchase, we are often asked what Anti-Virus Software we recommend. We recommend AVG Anti-Virus Software.  AVG Anti-Virus software stops viruses before they even get to your PC. AVG will check your files before you open them, your Facebook links before you click, your email before it gets to you and your websites before you visit them.

Contact MastroTek IT Services today to purchase AVG Anti-Virus Software and to schedule an installation.

Managed Anti-Virus Software

Through our partnership with AVG, Mastrotek is now offering a managed Anti-Virus solution to our customers. You now longer have to worry about upgrading or managing your own antivirus software. MastroTek will remotely install, upgrade, monitor, and maintain your computers security. Contact MastroTek for more details on how to best protect your home and small business computers with our Managed Anti-Virus solution.

Click Below to purchase your own copy of AVG AntiVirus 2013 Professional 1 PC 1 Year.

AVG AntiVirus 2013 Professional 1 PC 1 Year

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