OS Install or Upgrade

Westchester Operating System Installation Services Looking to upgrade to a new version of your operating system? Are you looking to install a new operating system on an old computer? Maybe you just want to try out a Linux distribution and see if you like it. MastroTek IT Services can install, upgrade, and then configure your computer’s Operating System.

*(Customer must have a copy of the Operating System and a valid key where necessary)

Windows, MacOSX, or Linux Upgrades and InstallsIn Home Operating System Installations in Westchester

We have experts in every major operating system, so whether you want to upgrade windows or see what all the Linux buzz is about we can help you get started by installing your new OS and transferring your files.

Dual Boot Configurations

Don’t want to totally give up one OS for the other we can create a Dual Boot system or install your new OS on a Virtual Machine so you can enjoy both your old and new operating system. Run Windows from your MacBook, or boot up to Linux on your Windows PC, MastroTek can set up your new OS any way you want.

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