Managed Anti-Virus Services

Why Does Your Small Business Need Managed Anti-Virus Services?

Un-Managed Anti Virus

When your company uses an unmanaged anti-virus solution, end users can disable it or uninstall it like any other program leaving their system vulnerable to infection. They can also (and often do) ignore the virus definition updates, causing the anti-virus to become useless against the latest threats.

It’s a constant worry for any IT department to manage users, or track down the renegades who disable or uninstall their anti-virus software to play games, or download free software from the internet.

Managed Anti Virus

How does a small business with a limited budget fix the problems that traditional Anti Virus software presents? Managed anti-virus software offered through MastroTek IT Services solves all these issues. The control is removed from the users and taken over by a professional managed service provider. It can’t be removed or disabled without a password. Virus definition updates are downloaded and applied automatically, to provide constant protection against the latest threats. The Managed Service Provider manages it all centrally, and stops threats before they happen.

MastroTek Managed Services

Through MastroTek Managed IT Services we can provide your company with a full range of IT services including Managed Anti-Virus. Your company will be protected against the latest threats and your network and systems will be monitored 24 hours a day 7 day a week.

Call MastroTek IT Services today to get a free estimate on our Managed IT Services Today.

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