Managed Anti-Virus Software

Westchester Anti-Virus SoftwareOnline threats are constantly evolving. In fact, statistics show that hundreds of new viruses are written each month. To avoid losing valuable data customer data, or important banking information you need to make sure that your business is protected against these threats. MastroTek IT service’s Managed Anti-Virus solution provides businesses with a complete security solution that incorporates AVG Anti-Virus technology with our expertise and experience to make sure that your business computers have the most secure and up-to-date defense against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

MastroTek’s Managed Anti-Virus service protects your computers from viruses, spyware, adware and other Internet security threats that can quickly spread, damage key documents, and even take down your computers offline.

How MastroTek’s Managed Anti-Virus works

With MastroTek’s Managed Anti-Virus service, we will install and remotely monitor anti-virus software on your servers and PCs. The software will defend your computer against viruses and threats. If a security threat is identified, an alert will be sent to MastroTek so it can be eliminated before it becomes a problem.
With MastroTek’s Managed Anti-Virus service, your anti-virus software is always updated, and monitored so threats can be dealt with quickly before any damage can be done.

Benefits of Managed Anti-Virus Services

  • Proactively protects business computers and customer information
  • Defends against web threats and traditional malware
  • Prevents disruption to your business and loss of data
  • Automatically updates PC
  • Requires no administration by your office staff

To learn more about MastroTek’s Managed Anti-Virus service, please contact us.

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