Online Back-Up Services

Online BackupIt’s happened to countless businesses, a hard drive crashes, you lose a file, or accidentally save over a document. MastroTek provides you with a peace of mind by keeping your files, photos and vital business documents available.

Protect your critical business data by by utilizing a secure online backup solution. MastroTek IT Services offers a complete online back-up solution that can ensure your business will recover from any system failure or catastrophe.

MastroTek offers a secure, encrypted, remote backup solution that stores and protects your files online and can easily be restored to any computer in the event of computer failure. Local backups only protect against a hardware or software failure. Local backups do not protect against computer theft, fire, or natural disasters. With our online backup solutions your data is safe and sound far away from your business, saved on multiple redundant servers and encrypted so only you can get access to the data.

Onsite Installation

Best of all, MastroTek is a local company serving Westchester and the surrounding areas. will conduct an onsite installation of the backup software and assist in the restoration of your data if you ever need it. Don’t trust just anyone with your company’s valuable data.

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