Small Business IT Services

Westchester’s most reliable and affordable small business IT solutionIt for Businesses in Westchester

MastroTek IT Services offers small businesses piece of mind. In an ever changing world of technology it is almost impossible for a business owner to run a business and keep up with computer maintenance and systems administration. It is also unrealistic for a small business to hire a full time IT person. The cost would be well over $100,000 per year. That is where MastroTek IT Services comes in. For a fraction of that cost we can maintain your network, update your computers, remove viruses, set up your new printer, troubleshoot issues, and do anything else you need us to do to make sure your computer systems and networks run smooth and your data is safe.

Our staff of certified and trained computer specialists are available day and night to tackle any computer related emergency that you may have. Our service is second to none and our prices can’t be beat.

Pay As You Go IT Service

Businesses can call us for common computer problems or one time fixes just like a individual would. Our prices are the same for for businesses as they are for normal consumers. So if you just need a hardware upgrade, a virus removed or help setting up your wireless network don’t hesitate to call MastroTek IT Services today!

Outsourced Systems Administration

When you outsource your IT services to MastroTek, we learn your network of computers and devices as if we were your own full time IT person. We keep detailed records of all the work and maintenance that we do at your business and catalog the equipment that you have. If something ever goes wrong we can start working on the issue right away and have a strong background of what were working with.

Affordable IT Service Plans

Our plans are built for small businesses. A lot of our competitors have big plans that cost big money because their goal is to land the big business clients. At MastroTek, our small business IT plans are made for small businesses. We aim to bring you the best value for your money and the most reliable IT services around.

Westchester IT Service Plans

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