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Managed IT Services

Having a healthy IT infrastructure can help businesses to sustain healthy growth and healthier profits. Downtime, slow system
performance and irritating IT issues can be a major problem and cost your business a ton of money.

Using industry leading technology, we offer a solution which monitors, maintains and supports your PCs,
laptops, and servers 24/7. And all for a small monthly fee per workstation.

We work specifically with small and medium sized businesses, helping them increase sales, reduce costs and
above all, keep their customers happy.

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Managed Anti-Virus Services

Why Does Your Small Business Need Managed Anti-Virus Services?

Un-Managed Anti Virus

When your company uses an unmanaged anti-virus solution, end users can disable it or uninstall it like any other program leaving their system vulnerable to infection. They can also (and often do) ignore the virus definition updates, causing the anti-virus to become useless against the latest threats.

It’s a constant worry for any IT department to manage users, or track down the renegades who disable or uninstall their anti-virus software to play games, or download free software from the internet.

Managed Anti Virus

How does a small business with a limited budget fix the problems that traditional Anti Virus software presents? Managed anti-virus software offered through MastroTek IT Services solves all these issues. The control is removed from the users and taken over by a professional managed service provider. It can’t be removed or disabled without a password. Virus definition updates are downloaded and applied automatically, to provide constant protection against the latest threats. The Managed Service Provider manages it all centrally, and stops threats before they happen.

MastroTek Managed Services

Through MastroTek Managed IT Services we can provide your company with a full range of IT services including Managed Anti-Virus. Your company will be protected against the latest threats and your network and systems will be monitored 24 hours a day 7 day a week.

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Does Your Business Need Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Service providers are very seldom appreciated by small business. Many business owners believe that as long as their computers and networks are running  smoothly, there is no need to pay for an IT person or IT Service Provider. These business owners are setting themselves up for disaster.

Computer networks are no different than your car, or home. If you neglect them and fail to do the little tedious tasks to maintain them, they will fall into disrepair. With a computer or a network, disrepair means downtime for your business, a loss of productivity, loss of records, and exposure of client information. A major security breach or systems failure can ruin a business.

Managed IT Services provides an affordable way for small businesses to protect their computer systems and manage their networks. Instead of having your own IT person or team in your business you can have a team of professional IT service personnel at your disposal. You can consult with your team in regards to purchases or software upgrades, and have that same team available to manage your network users and firewall. All for one low monthly fee.

Employee V.S. Managed Service Provider

Lets say you had a small company with an office that had 20 computers, a server used for shared resources and virtualization, a router and a firewall. Lets also assume that your network is a Microsoft Domain with Active Directory and there are 25 users in the domain.

A full time employee in the IT department with the experience to handle a majority of the computer and network management for your small business would command a salary of  approximately $100,000 per year. Then of course there is vacation time, personal days, sick days, and health benefits.  In actual cost to your company that employee might cost you about $150,000 per year.

MastroTek IT Services has a team of experienced and professional IT experts. There is always someone available to assist you. MastroTek does not take vacations, never gets sick, does not need health care, and would cost this business owner approximately $13,500 per year. That is a huge savings, Over $135,000 per year.

If your company is still running and managing its own network, don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact MastroTek IT Services today for your free consultation.

Is Microsoft Staging a Comeback?

Microsoft Coming BackMicrosoft is making a big bet on its newest operating system. Many people in the technology world are asking if this latest push from Microsoft is enough to help them regain the dominance they once had.

Apple’s Rise and Microsoft’s Fall

Microsoft’s fall from the pinnacle of the tech world is a bit of an over exaggeration. They still make the world’s most popular web browser even though their market share is a fraction of what it was, and they still hold a massive advantage in desktop and laptop computer OS market share. The problem is that more and more people are moving to tablets and more mobile friendly devices to consume their content. Even Microsoft’s most popular and fastest selling operating system to date (Windows 7) was not enough to bring them back from the disappointment that was Vista or the utter collapse of their own, once very strong, mobile dominance. Windows 7, while receiving high praise from critics and users alike came at the wrong time. At this point the world was ready to be more mobile and many people started moving away from traditional computers and began using their tablets and smart phones more. Apple and Google were and still are on the cutting edge of both of these mobile platforms.

Microsoft’s Answer

In October of 2012 Microsoft is taking their best shot at becoming relevant in the mobile market once again. They are releasing their newest version of Windows simply called Windows 8 and they are doing something that both Apple and Google have failed to do. They are attempting to bridge the gap and blur the lines between traditional computing and newer mobile computing. The Windows 8 that will run on your desktop and laptop will be the same OS that will run on your tablet. Your same applications that run on your desktop will run on your tablet. There will be no need for cheap alternatives to Microsoft’s already powerful Office application because Office will run on the tablet. They are even coming out with a lightweight version for ARM processors that will not have all the functionality of the high end version, but it will cost about $250. This is a direct assault against the Apple and Google tablets that start at about $350 for an Android tablet and $499 for an iPad.

This coupled with Microsoft’s powerful cloud based storage (SkyDrive) and you can seamlessly work on a document or project of any kind from your tablet or computer. This will be a huge factor for business owners who are for the most part heavily invested in Microsoft computers and services already.

Windows Phone 8

As if this was not enough Microsoft has perfectly timed the release of their new phone OS for the end of October as well. Windows Phone 8 will be coming out and will be fully compatible with Office Live and SkyDrive as well. This phone to tablet to desktop seamless integration is what Microsoft is hoping will bring users flocking back. The concept is great, especially for businesses which has always been Microsoft’s bread and butter, so it should be a success. But how much of a success remains to be seen.

New Outlook Web Based Email

Microsoft is even setting their sites on Google in the email market as well. Outlook web based email just went live a few weeks ago and so far many users seem to love it. they were flooded with signups the first few days and critics have touted the new web based email as a strong rival to Google’s Gmail product. Microsoft even promises not to use email information to deliver relevant ads the way that Google does making it more private as well.

My 2 Cents

Me personally, I love what Microsoft is doing. Integrating everything and refreshing their entire product line right around the same time. They even have a new logo for the first time in 25 years, things are really being shaken up at Redmond, and it is about time. It look like they are declaring an all out war on Google and Apple. I for one hope Microsoft can pull it off, The more companies we have in the ring, the better the product and the pricing will be for consumers. Choice is always a good thing for innovation. Regardless of what happens it should be fun to watch.

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